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Our Infrastructure Management Stages

For your success, we apply a quality method of monitoring and maintaining infrastructure for the best use of working components, security of data integrity and tracking of initial performance parameters.

  • Assessment

The initial step is to analyze the current state of your infrastructure. We assess the quality of the elements and resources required to operate and manage your workspaces. We take a detailed look at software, network resources, storage, databases, and hardware.

  • Planning

IT Outpost`s experts create a plan to promote and manage your workflows. We determine where your infrastructure is deployed, in the cloud or locally at enterprise facilities. And based on these indicators, determine the management model of your system.

  • Execution

This stage is characterized by the direct implementation of the strategy and management model. We take full responsibility for the condition of your infrastructure and conduct a comprehensive development of resources. Before implementing major changes, we clarify your preferences.

  • Optimization

After the successful implementation of the stages of the strategy, we begin to improve. We have already delved into your activities, understand all the subtleties and create recommendations for you to update components and introduce innovations.

  • Support

You can always count on our support. The Infrastructure Management team monitors your processes and performs continuous automated testing of work items. Also, we are always available to resolve your issues at your request.