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IT Consulting

  • Administrative Tasks and Multilingual Support
  • Confidentiality, Security, and Communication Skills
  • IT Culture and Collaboration, Sustainability and Green IT
  • IT Project Management,  IT Audits and Assessments


LANTopia Add an IT consulting service to significantly improve your business performance, security, and competitiveness. We aim to align technology with organizational goals and take a collaborative and strategic approach to ensure optimal performance, while significantly increasing your performance.


What can you expect to pay? We believe in being up-front with our prices as we respect our customers.

  • Remote services are billed at $50/hr
  • On-site services are $100/hr with a travel fee of $100 per visit
  • A monthly retainer starts from $500 which accounts for 15 remote hours of support. This adds 50% bonus support hours for free and is the most economical and preferred by our customers.

What can you expect to get?

Dedicated IT professional with deep knowledge of the technologies needed to help your business. Recommendations on best practices. Fast turnaround and highest quality work with a proven track record.

We guarantee satisfaction or your money back.


  1. Needs Assessment
  • Conducting a thorough review of the business's current IT infrastructure and systems and consulting
  • Challenges, Identify pain points, and areas for improvement
  1. Strategic Planning
  • Develop and deliver a strategic IT plan aligned with business goals and objectives
  • Providing a roadmap for technology implementation and upgrading
  1. Technology Alignment
  • Ensure that IT solutions are aligned with the overall business strategy
  • Recommending technologies that enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness
  1. Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Conduct a cybersecurity assessment to identify vulnerabilities
  • Recommend measures to strengthen the organization's cybersecurity posture
  1. Cloud Services Integration
  • Assess the feasibility and benefits of cloud services adoption
  • Assist in the migration of data and applications to cloud platforms
  1. Infrastructure Optimization
  • Evaluate and optimize the organization's IT infrastructure
  • Ensure scalability and performance meet current and future needs
  1. Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis for proposed IT solutions
  • Help the business make informed decisions on technology investments
  1. Vendor Management
  • Evaluate and recommend technology vendors and service providers
  • Negotiate contracts and ensure favorable terms for the business
  1. IT Governance and Compliance
  • Establish IT governance frameworks
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws
  1. Business Continuity Planning:  Developing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Ensuring that data backup and recovery processes are robust and tested